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A loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) prevents cervical cancer by eliminating abnormal precancerous cells before they progress to cause cancer. The experienced gynecologists at Midwest Women Obstetrician/Gynecologist Ltd in Downers Grove, Illinois, recommend a LEEP procedure when they find signs of suspicious cellular growth during a pelvic exam or after a Pap smear reveals abnormal changes. Whether it’s time for your annual well woman exam or you need to schedule a LEEP procedure, call the office or book an appointment online today.

LEEP Procedure Q&A

What is a LEEP procedure?

LEEP is an in-office procedure to remove abnormal tissues in your vagina or cervix. Your provider may perform a LEEP after finding problems during a pelvic exam or when a Pap smear reveals precancerous cellular changes.

Your Midwest Women OB/GYN Ltd provider may recommend a LEEP to remove genital warts or cervical polyps. However, they usually perform the procedure to prevent cervical cancer.

How do I prepare for a LEEP procedure?

You can’t have a LEEP if you’re on your period or pregnant. Your provider schedules your appointment to avoid your period and performs a pregnancy test before the procedure. 

You also can’t douche, use tampons, apply vaginal medications, or have sexual intercourse for 24 hours before your procedure.

What happens during a LEEP procedure?

Your provider looks through a colposcope, a binocular-like device placed just outside your vagina that gives her a magnified view of your cervix. Then they give you a local anesthetic and apply a vinegar solution to the cervix. The solution highlights any abnormal cervical cells.

Your Midwest Women OB/GYN Ltd provider performs the LEEP using a specialized instrument made of a fine wire loop heated by an electric current. 

As they pass the loop through a thin layer of tissue, the wire precisely cuts and removes the abnormal cells. Then they send the tissues to the lab to verify that they got all the precancerous cells.

Though heat from the wire helps minimize bleeding by sealing blood vessels, your provider applies a paste to stop any bleeding. The entire LEEP procedure takes about 15-30 minutes.

What should I expect after a LEEP procedure?

You rest in the office for a short time before going home. Most women have cramping for a few hours, a dark discharge for about one week, and spotting that can last several weeks. The dark discharge occurs as the medication applied to stop bleeding falls away.

Your provider gives you individualized self-care instructions to follow. However, most women need to avoid douching, wearing tampons, and having intercourse for several weeks. You also need to stay away from strenuous activity and heavy lifting. Otherwise, you should be able to return to your normal activities in a few days.

To learn more about a LEEP procedure or to schedule an appointment, call Midwest Women OB/GYN Ltd or use convenient online booking today.